Jenny & Steven – JW Marriott Wedding

Okay so first I have to admit I am so behind on blogging! This wedding took place September 30th of 2017! I know, I know, why even blog it? Well because it was a beautiful wedding & I really just loved this couple!

These two were so sweet & Steven’s mother Leona was too. Leona played a major part in putting everything together. Before she offered to help them plan they had just the venue booked, which is a good start, but they were just about 45 days out. So Leona contacted me, we got together with Jenny for coffee & to talk about the details. I just loved them & on top of them being amazing, they had chosen a venue, JW Marriott, where I had been wanting to shoot a wedding. Yay!

They were still looking for a few vendors & I know & love a lot of fantastic vendors, so I referred a few to Leona. I was so excited to hear that Sara of Cultivate Goods was available to do their floral arangements for them. She came through with stunning arangements, as usual!

When I arrived, Jenny was doting on her bridesmaids. Everyone kept telling her to just relax & get in the chair for her hair & makeup. She was cool as a cucumber, without a care in the world. She was just excited to marry her man!

It was a beautiful ceremony & reception! If you’re considdering the JW Marriott for your wedding & reception I definitly recommend it!

An Under Canvas Adventurous Elopement & Honeymoon Morning

Let me tell you a little story about an adventurous couple & their amazing Elopement at Under Canvas Zion.

Willow and Tate are a modern love story. Bonding over their love of adventure & the outdoors, they knew they wanted something unusual for their elopement. One of their first adventures was a weekend in Zion, so it was only natural that they would return to celebrate their forever.


Taking place at Under Canvas Zion, their elopement was elevated from traditional camping, but still close to nature. Their tent had everything a new couple would need, including a window panel above the bed to stargaze on their first night together.


Tate is a hipster at heart, preferring handmade artisan details like his wooden bow tie, handcrafted suspenders, and custom built triangle altar.

Willow is a bit of a free spirit with a rock and roll edge. When Tate expressed a desire for Pampas grass to decorate the altar, she pulled over on the side of the road & picked it herself. On her wedding day, she wanted to be both feminine & practical, choosing to accessorize her beautiful traditional wedding dress with a dried flower bouquet & crown with rocker-chic Chanel boots.

She shares in Tate’s love of the handmade, having her wedding jewelry uniquely made for her, & her wedding ring custom created using elements of nature as inspiration.

All the details of their elopement were selected together, a mix of new & vintage seamlessly representing their styles. Elements of nature flow throughout, natural wood, crystals, & elegant floral displays.

Nature can be unpredictable, and as luck would have it, their wedding day showed a chance of thunderstorms. Tate and Willow went ahead anyway, enjoying the electricity in the air & the beautiful skies. Just after their champagne toast, the skies opened up and Tate carried his new bride to snuggle in their tent, safe from the elements.

The thunderstorm was soon to pass, & the new couple enjoyed gazing at the stars, planning their future, & waking up together as man & wife.

Concept & planning: Heather Taylor @taylormade_photolv, @adventurouselopementsworkshop
Creative Director: Emma Roberts @desertdaisyjewelry
Couple: @rissrose2 & @treston919
Venue: Under Canvas Zion @undercanvasofficial
MUA: @rissrose2
Dress: Laine Berry @laineberrybride
Champagne: ONEHOPE Wine @onehope
Cake: Something Frosted @somethingfrostedslc
Floral Design: Cultivate Goods @cultivategoods
Tableware & Linens: West Elm @westelmlasvegas @westelm
Jewelry & Crystals: Desert Daisy Jewelry @desertdaisyjewelry
Stationary: 24th Ave Designs @24thavedesigns
Rentals: SWOON {VINTAGE RENTAL CO.} @swoonvintagerentalco
Bowties: The Two Guys’ Bow Tie Co. @twoguysbowties
Suspenders: PM Chaves @p.m.chaves
Ring: Timothy D Meier @timothydmeier
Pyramid Alter: Justin Nesset
Macrame Hanging: Nostalgia Resources @nostalgiaresources
Modern Dream Catcher: Sister House Collective @sisterhousecollective

How HoneyBook has streamlined my Workflow

As a Wedding Photographer, there are a lot of things that have to happen to make the client experiences amazing. From the very beginning, I am making sure that their wedding planning process goes as smoothly as possible. To make that happen, I use a tool that I’m not sure I could run my business without. I use HoneyBook, a client management software that streamlines my workflow from the first contact & here’s how…

This is what I see when I log in. The “Home” screen is a snapshot of what’s happening.


Within HoneyBook there are a bunch of amazing tools, one being the Contact Form builder. Here’s mine…


You can customize the contact form your clients fill out on your website by adding questions that help weed out the potential clients that aren’t a good fit for your brand. We all have an ideal client & this is the first place we can see if the client who’s reaching out to us is, in fact, someone we would love to work with or not. If not, HoneyBook can help you refer that client to a fellow photographer that does meet their needs. How cool is that!?!

You can also set up specific workflows for each type of inquiry. So when I get an inquiry & they select “wedding” as the type of photography they’re looking for the Wedding Workflow is automatically initiated! I’ll immediately be notified that someone has inquired & be prompted to send them an email thanking them for reaching out, or whatever you’ve selected to be the first thing that happens. I have mine set up to ask for my approval before sending the email so that I can make tweaks based on the info they provided in the contact form, but you can set it to auto-send too.


Once they’ve contacted you via your customized HoneyBook contact form, their event is automatically added to your project queue & their date is added as an inquiry to your calendar.


There are so many integrations that work for you within HoneyBook too!

  • Contracts: HoneyBook makes it super easy to send contracts to clients. There are even templates that have been reviewed by HoneyBook‘s legal team for you to start with & customize!
  • QuickBooks: When you send an invoice or contract with payments through HoneyBook, it automatically syncs with your QuickBooks account. You can also track your expenses which also sync! Taxe time just got easier!!!
  • Stripe: Cha-ching! HoneyBook’s Stripe integration means client payments will go directly into your bank account quickly & you can even set up auto-payments for clients who pay in payments.

There are templates for everything! HoneyBook has sample templates & then you can use them to build your perfect emails, packages, brochures, questionnaires, proposals, contracts, etc. You can tailor it all to fit your brand & it all looks amazing & really professional!


We all want to work with vendors that we know are amazing & will not only be a breeze to work with, but also go above & beyond for our clients! So, when you send your client their proposal to book with you, you can suggest additional vendors to them. We all know booking your Wedding Photographer is one of the first things a bride & groom should do when planning their wedding, after picking a date & booking the venue. This feature gives you opportunity & privilege of recommending your favorite vendors to your clients.

You’ll also have access to discounts with partner sites!


Pretty sweet!

I’m pretty sure there is more that HoneyBook does that I’m forgetting, but if the above isn’t enough to make you check it out, maybe this will be. When you start using HoneyBook with this link << >>, you’ll get 50% OFF your first year, plus the first week is a FREE Trial!

So, what are you waiting for? Go streamline your workflow & make your work life so much easier!

Get HoneyBook TODAY!

What to expect from… Adventurous Elopements & Engagements: The Workshop

Hi Everyone! Emma here from Desert Daisy Jewelry. As many of you may know, I have recently partnered with Heather to form Adventurous Elopements and Engagements the Workshop. I am doing a blog takeover today to give you all an idea of what you can expect from one of our workshops, specifically our next styled shoot retreat at Under Canvas Zion.

This is just a sneak peak, for a detailed schedule & full shoot info, please check out the Workshop page here.

Heather & I met through our affinity for jumping in the car and driving to the most beautiful locations to do photoshoots. We have traveled together on half a dozen shoots, and thought “how much more fun would this be with a group of photographers from all over the country?” So from there, the Workshop was born. Three days, two nights, 8 photographers & a whole lot of adventure. Heather is an accomplished wedding photographer specializing in destination elopements and intimate ceremonies. I have years of propping & styling background having worked for Anthropologie, which has translated into styling over 30 shoots for various photographers. We want to share all of this with you!

There are a few spots left, but as you can see, we limited this workshop to 8 tickets. It is important that everyone who attends gets the full experience. Your ticket price includes a bed within the Under Canvas glamping tents, as well as meals. We will have 3 very unique styled shoots over the course of the three days, and you can choose to attend all 3, or just the ones you feel will be beneficial to creating marketing content for your business.

In between the shoots, there will be various education classes, followed by Q&A. There will also be plenty of downtime for you to explore, take all the lovely Zion landscape photos, etc. Please keep in mind our permits for professional photography only apply to the Under Canvas campsite area, so taking models out and into Zion National Park is not part of the workshop.

So what will your adventure look like? That is really up to you, but it could easily be something like this:

You did it! You booked your spot, plane ticket is bought and you are all set to explore one of the most beautiful natural landscapes the US has to offer with a group of talented and like-minded creatives. Zion, here we come!

Nervous and excited, you make your way up to the campsite. The reception area is just so cool, they have thought of everything. It is midday on Friday the 13th, other photographers are arriving and you are meeting your tent mates, settling in for the weekend and checking your camera gear.

Grabbing a dinner and swapping stories with other photogs, you prepare for the first styled shoot, campfire and smores. It has been years since you have melted those gooey marshmallows and you know after you capture the images you need, you are digging in.

Full of laughter and sugar, you settle in for the night. Tomorrow morning you are determined to catch the sunrise and those beautiful mountainscapes, so you will most likely skip out on a class or two in order to do so, but you can’t resist the call of the wild. Catching back up with the classes after lunch will do, plus you know the handouts from the classes will be available to you at the end of the workshop anyway.

Here it is, the main event. As the afternoon sun dips lower, you enjoy learning about how to stage that perfect tablescape, how to prop for photos and you are loving seeing the elopement set come together. When the sun sets just low enough, you are broken into groups with your tentmates. Different stations are set up so you can spend time on the details, and also work with the gorgeous, real couple models who are the perfect blend of bohemian and romance. You get a chance to work on your posing direction, one of the photogs in your group is an expert at it and you are so excited to take some of these practices home with you for your real-life couples.

Sun has gone, every last picture has been taken and the set has been cleared away. Dinner is a little on the late side, but it was worth it to get all those stunning golden hour pics. Good thing there were snacks at the propping workshop. After dinner, you sit and share RAW images with all your new friends and chat about how you will edit them to make them your own.

You go to bed exhausted, what a day. You are sad to think it will all be over tomorrow and you will be heading back to the hustle of the real world, but you are also excited about the shoot in the morning before you pack up. Early morning light will be the star of the intimate engagement session in the Stargazer tent. Crisp white sheets, dark-haired models and a whole bunch of anticipation at a life together just about to start. An engagement session with a hint of boudoir may be outside your comfort zone now, but imagine how many new clients you can attract just by posting about this styled shoot.

After the final shoot is over and your bags are packed, you say a fond farewell to Zion and the new friends you met there. Everyone has exchanged Instagram handles, and plans are already in motion for future styled shoots together, so you know this isn’t the last you will see of everyone. You head back home with a full heart and a ton of photos to edit. Maybe skipping the workflow tutorial wasn’t the best idea after all 😉

All that sounds amazing, right? So what are you waiting for?

An Adventurous Elopement at Horseshoe Bend

I love to travel & go on adventures with my couples! What better way to show that than with this epic elopement at Horseshoe Bend in Page, AZ?

This vision was one I’ve had for a long time! I was always just too afraid to fail, so I never did it. Well, I finally got up the nerve to put it all together back in November after a Tuesday’s Together meeting. It was time to check off my number 1 bucket list item – an EPIC Adventurous Elopement at Horseshoe Bend!

It took 4 months of planning to put this all together. I wanted to make sure to have everything I needed! Permits were the MAJOR one! I’m not a rule breaker, so I had to make sure that this shoot was totally legit. There was no room for error, especially since we were coming from 4+ hours away!

The vendors were easy to find. I know a lot of fantastic wedding vendors that I really enjoy working with in Las Vegas & they were totally onboard as soon as I told them my vision. I even got a few national wedding vendors involved.

The details were amazing!

This gorgeous wedding cake was made by Bleu Moon Bakery. She’s an amazing Vegan Baker & Cake Designer in Las Vegas.

Customized cow skull by Elite Floral Events & Desert Daisy Jewelry.

The stunning vintage rentals came from Dogwood Party Rentals.

Custom Elopement Announcement by EG Letters.

His & Hers vow books by Within & Without Co. Naturally dyed handcrafted silk ribbon Water Lillies Styling.

I picked the sweetest, cutest, most amazing couple, Rachael & Joel! They couldn’t have been more perfect!!!

Rachael is a stunner & it doesn’t hurt that she’s the sweetest person either! Joel is awesome too. He’s a killer skater & a mechanic & more! This guy is so sweet to his girl too!

Isn’t she gorgeous!?!

Joel is a total stud too! I mean look at him, the dude has swag!

You could feel the love they have for each other. There was zero awkwardness either, they just had fun together, in the moment.

The champagne toast was perfection too. I mean even Rachael’s scream when the bottle popped was adorable!

The bouquets & boutonnière were beautifully arranged by Elite Floral Events.

Desert Daisy Jewelry made all the crystal jewelry custom for this shoot.

Can you feel the love yet? I mean seriously, how sweet are they?!

That view tho!

Those golden hour vibes just get me every time!!!

The wind was totally working in our favor too, I mean look at that!

Have you had enough? Nah, there can never be too much love!

This wrap skirt from Grey Pearl Bridal was everything!

That’s how you do it guys! Fix her tiara!!!


And that’s a wrap!

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at these images as much as I loved creating them!

Thank you to everyone involved who helped me realize my dreams in this amazing shoot!

Photography, Planning, Vision & Creative Direction – Heather Taylor, Taylor Made Photography
Jewelry, Hair Styling, Prop Styling & Creative Direction – Emma Roberts, Desert Daisy Jewelry
Videography – BVW Visual
Wedding Dress, Jacket & Veil – Grey Pearl Bridal, wrap skirt by Jaclyn Jordan
Bodysuit – Forever 21
Suit – Generation Tux
Florals – Elite Floral Events
Cake – Bleu Moon Bakery
Rentals – Dogwood Party Rentals
Stationary/Calligraphy – EG Letters
MUA – Samantha Genido
Groom Accessories – Groomsday

Sam & Frankie – Danville Destination Wedding

Danville, California Destination Wedding

For him, it was love at first sight. For her, it took a little more convincing, but they were destined to fall in love & live happily ever after!

Danville, California Destination Wedding

Frankie saw Samantha & he just knew, she was the one! It took a little while to get the courage to approach her, but when he finally did it only confirmed what he was already feeling.

Samantha wasn’t looking. She had a list of qualities she hoped her “Prince Charming” would possess once she was ready to look for him. Frankie took her by surprise when he came into her life. Not only was he persistent, but he possessed 95% of the qualities she was looking for. She quickly knew he was the one too!

They’re love blossomed quickly & there was really no reason to wait. They got engaged on October 13th, 2016 at Lake Las Vegas & on May 20th, 2017 they tied the knot in Samantha’s hometown of Danville, California.

Congrats Mr & Mrs Consiglio, you two are destined to have a beautiful marriage! Thank you for the honor of being your wedding photographer!

Hidden First Look, Danville Destination Wedding Hidden First Look, Danville Destination Wedding

Danville Destination Wedding Danville Destination Wedding Danville Destination Wedding Danville Destination Wedding Danville Destination Wedding Danville Destination Wedding Danville Destination Wedding

Dionne & Kieth… a Wedding 35 years in the making!

Sweetheart Las Vegas Wedding

These two are special to me! I met Dionne just about a month after I moved to Las Vegas. We serve at The Crossing in the cafe together & over the past 2 years we have become more like family than friends.

Now Dionne has known Keith since they were little. Keith always looked after her, made sure she was safe & as they grew up he made sure she was happy too. They dated off & on for years, got engaged before too! They drifted apart & each ended up having a child with someone else, but they always felt a piece was missing when they were apart!

A few moths ago Keith showed up on Dionne’s doorstep with all his things. He had talked about moving back to Las Vegas for a while but wasn’t planning to be back until spring. Dionne was floored! She was so excited he was finally home! I had heard all about Keith & was so excited to finally meet him! He totally lived up to all the hype. 😉

So within a few weeks, it seems they were engaged & the wedding was set to happen just a couple months later. It wasn’t a surprise tho, they’ve loved each other for 35 years! I had the honor of being their engagement & wedding photographer. It was so wonderful to get to be a part of their amazingly special wedding day & love story!

Congrats to you both. I love you Mr & Mrs McCray!

Sweetheart Las Vegas Wedding Bride of Sweetheart Las Vegas Wedding Bride & Son/Best Man Sweetheart Las Vegas Wedding Sweetheart Las Vegas Wedding Sweetheart Las Vegas Wedding Best Man & Groom Sweetheart Las Vegas Wedding Bride & Maid of Honor Sweetheart Las Vegas Wedding

Tiara & TJ’s Desert Destination Wedding

These two had a story that gave me chills & warmed my heart! Tiara is a paramedic & TJ is a medical engineer. They were both at the hospital to see a mutual friend who was having a baby. Tiara took one look at TJ & just knew she had to know this beautiful woman. The problem was, TJ was moving out of state the next day! When you know you know… Congratulations to the new Mrs &

The two of them got to know each other from a distance & with visits as often as possible, but when you know you know… so Tiara picked up & moved to be with TJ. Fast forward & here they are tieing the knot.

As they sat side by side with their eyes shut tight, we took off from their hotel to the famous Las Vegas Sign where they would have their First Look. It was so fun to watch these two!

Such a fun spot for a first look.

Then it was off to the wedding venue, with little time to spare. They were married out at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, about 30 minutes outside Las Vegas. The setting was just beautiful & they were blessed with perfect weather!

Their ceremony was perfect going off without a hitch! What a beautiful wedding!

How cute is this sweetheart table?! All the simple & elegant details from TJ & Tiara’s wedding were just so perfect!

I’m a sucker for succulents & all of their florals were so perfect for their desert union. The arrangements were put together by Flora Couture by Floral 2000.

They had the coolest little bar set up by Events with a Twist.

Tiara has the sweetest parents ever, “Big Daddy” & Faith! I seriously may take you up on that offer if I’m ever in Atlanta! 🙂

The kids are one of my favorite parts of a wedding. These handsome boys were so sweet & happy for their moms!

Can we just talk about how handsome they are for a second?!

I mean, they are just too cute!!!

Congratulations to the new Mrs & Mrs Davidson! I am so honored to have been part of your beautiful wedding day!