30 Year Vow Renewal | April & Shirl

There’s something special about capturing a love story as it’s beginning or when it’s solidified on a wedding day. That love is young and raw and beautiful. But, being able to capture a love story that’s been going on for years – 30 years, to be exact – is amazing. I love all love stories, but there is definitely something special about photographing a story like April and Shirl’s. I was honored to photograph their 30 Year Vow Renewal at their Las Vegas home this year. Congratulations on 30 years!! That’s INCREDIBLE!

30 Year Vow Renewal

April and Shirl chose to have a 30 year Vow Renewal at their home in Las Vegas with their family and a few friends. The amount of love and joy n the room was palpable the entire time I was there. Not just between April and Shirl, but towards them from their beautiful family. Everyone got all dressed up and came to their house to celebrate a major achievement for these two.

The happily married couple surprised everyone with some fun blowpop martinis, which became their signature drink for the event. They were SO fun, I definitely grabbed a few too many photos of them…. but that’s okay! Other festive decor lined the kitchen while everyone talked after some new family photos and enjoyed the day together. With lots of cheers, everyone celebrated the past 30 years of April and Shirl’s love story, looking forward to 30 more.

I truly loved capturing this moment for April, Shirl, and their family. There’s something so sweet about a couple who has worked hard for the last 30 years to make their relationship last. I was so inspired by them, and it reminded me why I do what I do. Love is love, and should be given and received all of our lives. Congratulations again, April and Shirl!!

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