i haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list
you don't take a photograph, you make it

now that you know a little about me, tell me all about YOU.

My guilty pleasures are: Coffee (americanos & oatmilk lattes for the win), Moscow Mules, Avocado Toast, Mediterranean food, True Crime podcasts (Crime Junkie is my fave!!!) & crafting with my kids! Real talk, I also enjoy dropping f'bombs on the regular, but I know when to reign it in & I always “read the room” before I let one slip.

I love being outdoors, traveling, extreme sports, animals (dogs & horses the most), off-roading in my Bronco, camping + any road trip where I can get to my destination in 5 hours or less, I’m down to go at a moments notice!

I am so blessed to earn a living capturing epic love stories & the families that grow from that love! My team & I can't wait to capture your big life moments too!

I've got the cutest boys ever, LJ (11) & Levon (8)! I’m pretty sure that + how smooth they are will be the death of me when they hit puberty! 😱My husband & I have been together 15 years, & celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary in January. He's my biggest fan, & I’m his. I just need to train him how to shoot photo or video, or even get him ordained, like I am, to perform ceremonies. A girl can dream!

I'm Heather, your fun-loving, coffe OBSESSED friend-ographer with a love for adventure.

So you wanna know a little bit more about me?


Random      facts about me:

I got stopped by TSA coming back from Kauai. I had taken my dad’s ashes to spread half of them there & TSA thought I was trying to take sand home illegaly.

I totally believe in ghosts & hauntings. One time I spent an entire day watching one of my son’s favorite YouTube Chanels about hauntings.

I have been to a bunch of other countries, including Panama, China, Australia, Kenya, South Africa, France, England, & more. But I have never been to NYC.

I grew up ridding horses & only gave It up once I got into High School & didn’t have time to go ride my horse every day. It’’s the biggest regret of my life!

I have been knowingly dying my hair since I was 10 years old, before that my mom started highlighting my hair when I was 5. She always told me I was getting a deep conditioning treatment. I started dying my hair vivid colors in 2018 & I don’t think I could ever go back!

I love cars! I learned how to drive when I was just 10 & by the time I got my own car at 16 I was really into cars & driving. I ended up being part of a car club & learning how to do basic maintenance on my own. Although I "grew up", my love of cars has never wavered. Now my obsession is my 2022 Ford Bronco!

7/27-30/2024 // yosemite
8/3-6/2024 // Big Sky Montana
8/11-13/2024 // SAN DIEGO
8/22-23/2024 // Los Angeles

2023 Travel Schedule