I pretty much live in yoga pants with a messy bun on the top of my head, except for when I'm shooting a wedding or elopement, then things get a little bit more polished. Like the bun is tighter & the yoga pants may are "fancier" lol. I will rock sneakers to your wedding, although they're fancy... they have a rose gold swoosh! 😉

I'm a mom of 2 of the cutest boys ever, although they are crazy tiny humans but what kids aren't!? My husband & I have been together going on 12 years, married going on 10. He's for sure my biggest fan, & I his. Now, if only I could teach him how to shoot too!  

I love nature, travel, extreme sports, all animals (dogs & horses the most), coffee (mentioned that already, see it's a problem), camping (glamping is awesome too) + any road trip I can get to my destination in 5 hours or less I'm down to go at a moments notice!

I'm so blessed that I get to earn a living capturing epic love stories & the families that grow from that love! I can't wait to capture your big life moments too!


meet Heather

Photographer for the adventurous & wildly in love!


My philosophy is simple. Capture beautiful moments on your special day & hopefully after too. Those moments, looks & laughs you'll want to cherish forever! The stuff that makes you feel the feels when you look back at them years later. Images you'll frame & hang on the walls of your home for generations.


I want to be your friend too! I've become a "friendographer" to so many of my past clients & that's exactly how I like it! Not only does it make my job easier if you're comfortable with me like you are with a friend, but it makes it more fun for everyone! I want you to be exited to share happy news with me, grab drinks if you're local or when you visit, or just say "hi" whenever you think of me!


I have a bit of a potty mouth, I'm just gonna throw it out there! I try my hardest to keep it in check, & usually succeed, but if you let an f-bomb slip... it's on! lol
It's not too bad, I'm just giving you fair warning! ;)


I genuinely want to make your life easier & want to make sure I'm the right fit. If, for any reason, we don't vibe well, I'll totally help you find someone that does! I want to work with you & make you happy + make you my friend too!


What sets me apart?

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