Red Rock Canyon Elopement | Mika & Emmanuel

Mika and Emmanuel’s Red Rock Canyon elopement was just magical. They decided to tie the knot in Red Rock Canyon on the First Creek Trail. It was quiet and romantic – and full of lots of laughs and smiles from the newlyweds. I am 100% with couples who decide to embrace the small, intimate wedding days that are popping up because of everything going on around us. Watching them embrace these changes is so incredible!

Red Rock Canyon Elopement

I’m sure by now you’ve realized… I love photographing weddings and elopements in Red Rock Canyon. There’s so much that inspires me there! This small wedding day was simply stunning and fun. Especially getting to pop the champagne after the ceremony was over! Mike and Emmanuel’s gorgeous day was no different!

Mika and Emmanuel tied the knot with just one witness on site because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Although it wasn’t what they had totally envisioned initially for their wedding day, it was super sweet – and romantic! I love that they’re going to have another big party celebration at home when it’s safe.

After Mika and Emmanuel were officially married, we spent some time exploring and capturing some beautiful portraits of the two of them. I just LOVE so many of the portraits we got – and can’t wait to see what Mika and Emmanuel choose to print for their new home this fall.

Congratulations, you two!!! I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!


Planner: Desert Elopements

bride's pink and white bouquet for Red Rock Canyon Elopement photographed by Taylor Made Photography


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