Top 3 Tips for Choosing & Booking Your Wedding Photographer

Choosing your wedding photographer should be a fun experience as you plan your wedding day. But it’s also one of the most important decisions you’ll be making. I recently got the chance to share my top 3 tips for choosing and booking your wedding photographer with one of my past brides turned forever friend, Laci Cerrone (a.k.a. Las Vegas Gal). I figured anyone planning a wedding or elopement might appreciate those tips too, so… here they are!

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Do Your Research!

You’ve probably already seen photos from photographers you like on Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook! Now it’s time to pay attention to the details & figure out what it is you want your wedding photos to look like. Do you like the way they capture the couple? Are the photos you like more candid & natural or are they more posed & editorial? Do you like bright & airy photos with soft details? Or do you prefer darker, punchier photos with more contrast? What about photos that are a bit matte in finish with a kind of film vibe, something timeless?

Your photos are really all that’s left after your wedding day, so you have to make sure you love the look of the photos that your favorite photographer creates. 

tips for booking your Las Vegas wedding photographer by Taylor Made Photography and Las Vegas Gal

Meet a few photographers!

There’s nothing wrong with meeting a few wedding photographers to make sure you’re a good fit. In fact, I’d encourage it! Your wedding photographer is more than a wedding vendor. They’re going to be there during some of the most special parts of your wedding day: getting ready, your first look, your wedding portraits. Knowing that you feel comfortable with them is invaluable! So grab a cup of coffee or plan a virtual meeting and make sure everyone vibes.

Las Vegas wedding photographer Taylor Made Photography discusses her top three tips for picking your wedding photographer

Book as soon as you’re able!

Book as soon as you know that’s the photographer you want and you know your date. Get it done! Your photographer will get booked up quickly! In fact, besides your venue, wedding photographers are the vendor that will book up the fastest – especially during busy seasons. Make sure you let the photographer you’re interested in know as soon as you do that you’re ready to book! There’s nothing worse than having to say “no” to a dream couple because their date is already gone.

Taylor Made Photography discusses her top three tips for choosing and booking your wedding photographer

Watch more of the video for my tips on choosing and booking your wedding photographer, including our bonus tip for couples on a budget!

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