Little Jamaica Portraits | Marissa & Treston

Taylor Made Photography captures couple in love in natural springs of Arizona

When I found Little Jamaica online, I KNEW I had to plan a session there. While I was brainstorming who to take with me, Marissa and Treston reached out about a session. They’d been to Little Jamaica before – and loved it, so they were excited to go back! I wanted to create a session that was romantic, fun, and full of adventure. I needed a couple who was willing to play around with me and enjoy the space for the oasis it is. These two fit the bill!

Marissa and Treston are seriously one of the best couples I’ve ever met. They’re super in love, attractive, and just adorable together. It’s so clear how much they care about each other and we had so much fun genuinely laughing together during their session. We spent most of this one planning the next one – and I hope it’s going to be soon!

Little Jamaica Portraits in Arizona

To be honest with you, I wasn’t sure we were going to make it to Little Jamaica for their portraits! We had to off road a little bit to get there and my car barely made it! But, in the end, it was so worth it. Not only was this location truly beautiful, but Marissa and Treston were just perfect for the shoot I had envisioned. Little Jamaica is truly an oasis in Arizona, and I know we can’t be the only ones to feel that way.

I worked with Marissa and Treston to create really romantic and adventurous portraits. They let me do my thing and we wound up with some incredible photos of the two of them. Little Jamaica really lends itself to a sensual and vibrant session. I’m so glad I was able to capture this incredible couple in such an epic location. I can’t wait for our next shoot together!

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