Why You Should Print Your Photos

We live in a digital age. There’s no way to deny that we do. But as a photographer, a mom, and someone who loves her family, I have a little piece of advice… Print your photos! So many of us spend the time preparing for a family portrait session or our wedding day only for the images to sit on the computer. Electronics won’t be passed down. But your prints, your wall art, your albums… they will.

To me, the wedding photos, engagement sessions and family portraits I capture are more than just photos. They’re your legacy. When I think about what I want to tell my kids about our family, I realize I want to be able to do more than just speak. I want to show them what everyone looked like. Watching them go through an album is so sweet! I want to be able to show them what they looked like when they were little. While I can certainly swipe away on my iPhone, they can’t keep that forever.

Taylor Made Photography talks about why to print your photos

Print Your Photos

Now is the time to print your photos. We’re all stuck inside for the time being. Spend a little bit of that time looking through those online galleries you have. Pick out your favorites and get some of them printed. You can frame them, or put them in an album. Maybe put together a few for a nice wall collage. Or decide which photos you love the most and let your wedding photographer know you want to make your album.

Taylor Made Photography talks about why to print your photos

Talk to Your Photographer

Many photographers will even help you design wall art or design your wedding album for you! All you have to do is let them know which images to use. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Before you know it, you’ll have something real and tangible in your hands. Something you can use to tell your family’s story when you talk to your kids…. A photo you can hang on the wall to remember your special wedding day…. a beautiful custom album that can be passed down your family for generations to come. There’s truly nothing like being able to SEE your special moments every single day.

We, as photographers, want you to be able to see and experience your images outside of a computer screen. While the digitals are great for quick sharing on social media or family far away, nothing compares to seeing your photos every day and after you’ve unplugged for the day. Your portraits – wedding, family, or whatever else – deserve to be seen. We’re all guilty of letting things live on our phones… even I am. But I really do believe in the power of your photos being printed.

Taylor Made Photography talks about why to print your photos

So if you’re ready for some professional prints, wall art, or to have me design your wedding album, let’s go! Now’s a great time to help your memories live forever.

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