Mt. Charleston Elopement | Brittany & Matt

Brittany and Matt had the most beautiful fall Mt. Charleston Elopement along a hiking trail and what’s more is that the meaning of it all was so very important to them. Being there to capture these special moments was such an honor for me! All weddings & elopements are special, but when my couples have such intimate affairs, I feel extra lucky to be there! Brittany & Matt kept their day small, intimate & exactly what they hoped for.

Mt. Charleston Elopement

When Brittany & Matt started thinking about their wedding, they wanted to create an experience that nourished the heart & soul of their relationship. Going into their day, I knew this was not just a joining of lovers as husband & wife, but something more. It was clear throughout their entire Elopement that this was a joining of souls. Everything during the day meant something to them & everything was important but there was never a feeling of pressure. It was just peaceful! So, with only their immediate families & their pups with them, they said their vows on the side of the trail. They even found two beautiful trees that were growing together, much like the two of them over the years.

When couples choose to make their day so symbolic & focused on what matters most to them, that is my absolute favorite. Every little thing about their day was SO them! Exactly as it should be! My favorite part might have been the hot chocolate toast… or that after saying to each other “wouldn’t it just be amazing to see some wild horses before we leave”, we managed to find a few wild horses on our way down the mountain. Seriously, the universe celebrated these two amazing humans & made it all just exactly right for these two!!

Can you imagine leaving your wedding and wanting to do it all again? That’s how Brittany & Matt felt! Thank you both for the grand adventure of your wedding day. And thank you for reminding me what’s really important about what I do. You two have incredible souls & I’m so happy you found each other + I’m also super happy to get to call you friends. Your Mt. Charleston Elopement was truly a magical & spiritual experience! I’m so thrilled I go to be a part of it! Congrats Brittany & Matt! I wish you a wonderful life together!

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