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a bunch of bad ass boss babes excited about your love story

I love tacos, tattoos, dogs, and all kinds of sweets....just to name a few of my faves. I’m always down for an adventure and love exploring all the nooks and crannies this glamorous city has to offer. Working beside Heather is like an extension of myself....we work so well peanut butter and jelly.  


Hey guys! I’m Carrie, Heather’s ride or die for your epic day!



When I'm not capturing unique love stories, I enjoy weekends at home with my husband & baby boy, Maverick. You know, breakfast in bed & a ton of caffeine? I can't live without a form of an energy boost. Forget Starbies, I love me some Dutch Bros. Along with thrifting, home decor, & good food/weekend getaways. You can catch me on the dance floor at any event & singing along to music hoping you didn't see me. Working with Heather & her couples is a massive bonus to my "job" we have very similar personalities & interests, making me a great addition to or substitute for Heather the day of your wedding!

Hi, I'm Karissa!



I’m an adventure-loving coffee snob, & I work with folks on their Best Days Ever. I’ve been lucky enough to shoot weddings & elopements all across the US, from Yosemite National Park to Brooklyn & everywhere in between! Good views & good company are two of my faves. When I’m not working with badass couples, you can find me camping & hiking with my husband, Aubrey, and our 8-year-old daughter. 

My family recently relocated from Atlanta to Las Vegas, and we’re jumping right into photographing elopements in Las Vegas, elopements at Lake Tahoe, engagement sessions at Arches National Park, and everything in between. 

I’m proud to not only support but also celebrate love & marriage for everyone worldwide because love is love & love always wins!

Hi, I'm Lauren!



My husband, Corey, & I are a photo video duo best described as quite quirky, and artistic ninjas. While we always get the classic must-have shots we thrive when we can get a little weird or creative! Candid, Classic, Cool, & Calm that’s how we want you to feel when working together with us.

While we have many stories working with Heather, and cute couples all over the world, the most impactful memories are being immersed into the lives & families of the couples we get to work with for the short period of time we spend with them. Can't wait to spend time with you!

Hi-ya, I'm Jess! 



Raw emotion, intimate connections, natural lighting, and unique locations are all aspects I strive to work within creating magical photographic memories. I strive to create a visual story while capturing the authenticity of every client I work with. From couples, engagements, and weddings; to portraits, editorial, and family - I work with a variety of clients for a variety of occasions. 

Let's make some magic!

Hey there! I'm Sam, a Kansas-raised gal currently residing in Sin City.



Hey, I am Dresden. I'm a mom to one, I love terrible reality tv & sleeping in is truly my favorite form of self care

My family & I have been in Las Vegas for about 3 years now. Since the beginning of my husband & my relationship we have been all over the map from Minnesota to South Korea to Guam so buying our first place in Vegas and sticking around for a little while is pretty freaking thrilling

I'm a huge nature lover so the landscapes of the Las Vegas valley are super inspiring and I attribute a lot of my growth to really leaning into my use of light & embracing the warmth of our desert home.

I can't wait to get to know you too!

Hi, I'm Dresden! 



My passion for creating art is so real. Photography is one of my favorite art creating outlets! I love me some natural light but can also rock off camera flash when the occasion calls for it. I crave sweets and adventures. I’m always down for day trips and camping under billions of stars. 

Hello there. I’m Marie!



when would you work with the team?

If Heather is unavailable, the team steps in

If your ideal date/time is one that Heather is unavailable for, the Associate Team will be there to capture it all. All Associates are Professional Photographers & have been trained to shoot in the same way that Heather does. They are also all super cool people who have a very similar personality & vibe to Heather. After your session, Heather will edit your photos so that they are consistent to all of Heather's work.

Find out if Heather's available

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Pic-Time is beautiful gallery hosting site. Their goal is to help you share your work meaningfully & beautifully with your clients from start to finish, with online galleries & printed goods.

One of my favorite things about Pic-Time is that they auto build albums for you/your client by using the photos liked in the gallery, organizing them by capture time & color palette! For someone who loves their clients to have an album but hates creating them, this is AMAZING!

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