How HoneyBook has streamlined my Workflow

As a Wedding Photographer, there are a lot of things that have to happen to make the client experiences amazing. From the very beginning, I am making sure that their wedding planning process goes as smoothly as possible. To make that happen, I use a tool that I’m not sure I could run my business without. I use HoneyBook, a client management software that streamlines my workflow from the first contact & here’s how…

This is what I see when I log in. The “Home” screen is a snapshot of what’s happening.


Within HoneyBook there are a bunch of amazing tools, one being the Contact Form builder. Here’s mine…


You can customize the contact form your clients fill out on your website by adding questions that help weed out the potential clients that aren’t a good fit for your brand. We all have an ideal client & this is the first place we can see if the client who’s reaching out to us is, in fact, someone we would love to work with or not. If not, HoneyBook can help you refer that client to a fellow photographer that does meet their needs. How cool is that!?!

You can also set up specific workflows for each type of inquiry. So when I get an inquiry & they select “wedding” as the type of photography they’re looking for the Wedding Workflow is automatically initiated! I’ll immediately be notified that someone has inquired & be prompted to send them an email thanking them for reaching out, or whatever you’ve selected to be the first thing that happens. I have mine set up to ask for my approval before sending the email so that I can make tweaks based on the info they provided in the contact form, but you can set it to auto-send too.


Once they’ve contacted you via your customized HoneyBook contact form, their event is automatically added to your project queue & their date is added as an inquiry to your calendar.


There are so many integrations that work for you within HoneyBook too!

  • Contracts: HoneyBook makes it super easy to send contracts to clients. There are even templates that have been reviewed by HoneyBook‘s legal team for you to start with & customize!
  • QuickBooks: When you send an invoice or contract with payments through HoneyBook, it automatically syncs with your QuickBooks account. You can also track your expenses which also sync! Taxe time just got easier!!!
  • Stripe: Cha-ching! HoneyBook’s Stripe integration means client payments will go directly into your bank account quickly & you can even set up auto-payments for clients who pay in payments.

There are templates for everything! HoneyBook has sample templates & then you can use them to build your perfect emails, packages, brochures, questionnaires, proposals, contracts, etc. You can tailor it all to fit your brand & it all looks amazing & really professional!


We all want to work with vendors that we know are amazing & will not only be a breeze to work with, but also go above & beyond for our clients! So, when you send your client their proposal to book with you, you can suggest additional vendors to them. We all know booking your Wedding Photographer is one of the first things a bride & groom should do when planning their wedding, after picking a date & booking the venue. This feature gives you opportunity & privilege of recommending your favorite vendors to your clients.

You’ll also have access to discounts with partner sites!


Pretty sweet!

I’m pretty sure there is more that HoneyBook does that I’m forgetting, but if the above isn’t enough to make you check it out, maybe this will be. When you start using HoneyBook with this link << >>, you’ll get 50% OFF your first year, plus the first week is a FREE Trial!

So, what are you waiting for? Go streamline your workflow & make your work life so much easier!

Get HoneyBook TODAY!

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