Sam & Frankie – Danville Destination Wedding

Danville, California Destination Wedding

For him, it was love at first sight. For her, it took a little more convincing, but they were destined to fall in love & live happily ever after!

Danville, California Destination Wedding

Frankie saw Samantha & he just knew, she was the one! It took a little while to get the courage to approach her, but when he finally did it only confirmed what he was already feeling.

Samantha wasn’t looking. She had a list of qualities she hoped her “Prince Charming” would possess once she was ready to look for him. Frankie took her by surprise when he came into her life. Not only was he persistent, but he possessed 95% of the qualities she was looking for. She quickly knew he was the one too!

They’re love blossomed quickly & there was really no reason to wait. They got engaged on October 13th, 2016 at Lake Las Vegas & on May 20th, 2017 they tied the knot in Samantha’s hometown of Danville, California.

Congrats Mr & Mrs Consiglio, you two are destined to have a beautiful marriage! Thank you for the honor of being your wedding photographer!

Hidden First Look, Danville Destination Wedding Hidden First Look, Danville Destination Wedding

Danville Destination Wedding Danville Destination Wedding Danville Destination Wedding Danville Destination Wedding Danville Destination Wedding Danville Destination Wedding Danville Destination Wedding

Dionne & Kieth… a Wedding 35 years in the making!

Sweetheart Las Vegas Wedding

These two are special to me! I met Dionne just about a month after I moved to Las Vegas. We serve at The Crossing in the cafe together & over the past 2 years we have become more like family than friends.

Now Dionne has known Keith since they were little. Keith always looked after her, made sure she was safe & as they grew up he made sure she was happy too. They dated off & on for years, got engaged before too! They drifted apart & each ended up having a child with someone else, but they always felt a piece was missing when they were apart!

A few moths ago Keith showed up on Dionne’s doorstep with all his things. He had talked about moving back to Las Vegas for a while but wasn’t planning to be back until spring. Dionne was floored! She was so excited he was finally home! I had heard all about Keith & was so excited to finally meet him! He totally lived up to all the hype. 😉

So within a few weeks, it seems they were engaged & the wedding was set to happen just a couple months later. It wasn’t a surprise tho, they’ve loved each other for 35 years! I had the honor of being their engagement & wedding photographer. It was so wonderful to get to be a part of their amazingly special wedding day & love story!

Congrats to you both. I love you Mr & Mrs McCray!

Sweetheart Las Vegas Wedding Bride of Sweetheart Las Vegas Wedding Bride & Son/Best Man Sweetheart Las Vegas Wedding Sweetheart Las Vegas Wedding Sweetheart Las Vegas Wedding Best Man & Groom Sweetheart Las Vegas Wedding Bride & Maid of Honor Sweetheart Las Vegas Wedding

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is this Sunday… can you believe it?! I love getting to do Mommy & Me sessions in the weeks & days leading up to this special day. Although, I do think every day should be all about us moms! I mean seriously, my husband is an amazing dad, but we deal with EVERYTHING on the daily & 9 times out of 10 they get to do the fun stuff with the kids. But that’s beside the point.

So like I was saying, I LOVE Mommy & Me sessions! Kids love their mom so much & it’s so much fun to capture their interaction & the true feelings of love between them. I haven’t gotten to do nearly as many as I had hoped because I’ve been so busy with Weddings, Proms, Senior Portraits & my dad’s surgery. It’s great being so busy, & my dad is doing well so all is good!

So, here are a few of my faves from some of the sessions I got to do this spring!

There’s still time to get your Mommy & Me Mini Session in! I have a few spots open this week. Just $398 for 8 5x7s + a framed 11×14 ($620 value). Book TODAY!

Happy Mother’s Day to all!