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Mentoring Sessions

What makes running a photography business easier?

There are a few tools that have made running my business so much easier. There have been times when had I not had these tools my business would have really suffered! So, what are these magical things that make life as an entrepreneur easier you ask...


HoneyBook is a client management software that streamlines your workflow from the first moment of contact. It has it all! From a contact form that you add o your website & automatically adds each contact to your Workflow Pipeline, to contracts, calendars, automated workflows, brochures, email templates & much more. They even offer a White Glove Service helping you to build your HoneyBook. If you'd like to know more, check out my blog post here.

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Pic-Time is beautiful gallery hosting site. Their goal is to help you share your work meaningfully & beautifully with your clients from start to finish, with online galleries & printed goods.

One of my favorite things about Pic-Time is that they auto build albums for you/your client by using the photos liked in the gallery, organizing them by capture time & color palette! For someone who loves their clients to have an album but hates creating them, this is AMAZING!

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Mentoring Sessions

Video Call Mentoring Session

1-on-1 Hang & Shoot Mentoring Session

Sessions Include:
• Finding Your Style & Aesthetic
• Discovering & Attracting Your Ideal Client
• Branding
• Workflow - Start To Finish - Emails, Contracts, Invoices, Editing, Blogging, Etc.
• Pricing (Charging What You're Worth)
• Financial Planning For Business Growth
• Social Media
• Constructive Criticism On Your: Work & Website
• Post-Production Workflow With Photo Mechanic & Lightroom

This 2 hour Video Call session is your chance to ask me anything! Whatever you want to know, I'm happy to answer it all. We'll also go over the following key points to make sure you get as much as possible out of our session. You're investing in knowledge & in your business.  

Typically 4-5 hours, we'll meet for coffee or lunch & cover everything I do from A to Z. This session includes everything the Video Call session offers + a shoot with a real couple. I'll show you my camera settings, how I shoot, pose & direct them. Then you'll takeover shooting so I can help with any questions you have & give feedback. 

Sessions include:
• Finding your style & aesthetic
• Discovering & attracting your ideal client
• Branding
• Workflow - start to finish - emails, contracts, invoices, editing, blogging, etc.
• Pricing (charging what you're worth)
• Financial Planning for business growth
• Social Media
• Shoot with a real couple
• Unposed posing & how to direct your couple for raw emotional results
• How to find amazing light wherever you are
• Constructive criticism on your: "posing" & directing, work & website
• Post-production workflow using the photos from our shoot with Photo Mechanic & Lightroom



Elopement • wedding • portrait photographer

Las Vegas, NV

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