My philosophy is simple. Capture beautiful authentic moments on your special day & hopefully after too. Those moments, looks & laughs you'll want to cherish forever! The stuff that makes you feel the feels when you look back at them years later. Timeless images you'll frame & hang on the walls of your home for generations.


Like I said before, I've become a "friend-ographer" to so many of my past clients & that's exactly how I like it! I want to be your friend too! Not only does it make my job easier if you're comfortable with me like you are with a friend, but it makes it more fun for everyone! I want you to be exited to share happy news with me, grab drinks if you're local or when you visit, or just say "hi" whenever you think of me!


I'm all about you! This is your day, your experience, your moment! While I am a professional third wheel, I want to make sure that your experience is amazing from start to finish! You should never worry about anything & if you do, let me know so I can squash that anxiety ASAP for you!


I genuinely want to make your life easier & want to make sure I'm the right fit. I don't work with everyone that wants to hire me because we should be stoked about working together & if we're not we shouldn't work together. If, for any reason, we don't vibe, I'll totally help you find someone that does vibe with you! 


I'm no 1 & done photographer! I love when my clients to want me present for all their big life moment & all the yearly portraits too!

It means the world to me that not only do you love my work like that, but also that you feel comfortable enough with me to share all those moments with me. Like I said, I want to be your friend!


What sets me apart?


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