Cat & Paul’s Lake Mead Sunrise

Adventurous couples are my jam & for a while now I had wanted to do a shoot at Lake Mead. I noticed a comment from the stunning Cat Canizalez on a photo I had taken of a friend of hers. Her profile picture intrigued me so I headed over to her feed.


I read her bio & checked out a few of her pictures & it became evident that she would be perfect for the shoot I had been planning in my head for so long. I sent her a message & as I suspected, she was ready to adventure with me! And even better, she had an equally adventurous boyfriend, Paul Seidler III, that came along & made our shoot that much better. Yay!


So, the plan was to meet at Boulder Beach Lake Mead just before sunrise. We had two looks we were shooting, one dressy & one casual. We did the dressy look first. I had found this amazing Ombre Sequin Mini Dress at Forever 21 & it was perfect! It was cold out so I had them bring a cozy blanket to snuggle up in for some of the shots. Cat’s boyfriend Paul wore dark jeans & a blazer over a white tee which looked so good with her sparkly dress!

Just as the sun rose over the mountains, I had Cat change into her casual look, a pair of high-waisted black jeans, a white Calvin Klein sports bra & a flannel with sneakers. Paul took off the blazer & it was a perfect look.

They were so fun & cute together! I didn’t have to do much directing either. We did a few shots on the beach & then it was time for the adventure part… getting into the lake! It was very shallow, so we didn’t get too far in, but deep enough to get so of the shots I had in my head. It was almost warmer in the water than out. Well I’m sure it was since it was only 55 degrees out, the water was probably in the high 60’s.

After we were done shooting I couldn’t wait to get to work on their gallery! We had such a great shoot & just looking through my camera I knew there were some really amazing shots just waiting for me. Since we did our shoot the day before Thanksgiving I was only able to get them a sneak peek, but finished their gallery a couple of days ago.

I’m only sharing some of my absolute favorites, so head over to my Client Lounge to see the entire gallery and many more!

If you’re adventurous & love their photos, get in touch & we’ll adventure together too.

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